ORTSOC, the Nation's First Cybersecurity Teaching Hospital, is the heart of a new academic program in Cybersecurity Operations at Oregon State University. Its goal: to provide a variety of experiential learning opportunities for students in the program, including a year-long series of clinical rotations at ORTSOC. Guided by experienced professionals, students in the program will hone their cybersecurity operations skills by providing managed cybersecurity services to a consortium of under-served organizations across the region.


For students seeking to start careers in cybersecurity operations, the clinical program offers a carefully structured opportunity to build an experiential bridge between the classroom and professional practice. ORTSOC will also provide a rich environment for research across a plethora of topics in security operations and enterprise security in general.


ORTSOC uses a consortium model for delivery of services to constituency organizations. While all organizations are eligible to join the consortium and participate in information sharing, research, and innovation activities, only not-for-profit, government, and educational institutions will be eligible to receive services. Financially, ORTSOC functions as a shared Security Operations Center, with consortium fees sharing the costs of core expenses (professional staffing, licensing, support, and other expenses associated with the cost of running operations).


ORTSOC will also serve as an information sharing and coordination center for consortium members. Near-future plans include providing opportunities for cybersecurity training for IT professionals. As Consortium membership grows, the ability for members to purchase size-discounted licensing of security products will provide an additional benefit.

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