At its inception in 2015, ORTSOC was meant to be a multi-university collaboration to provide SOC services to the State of Oregon and other local government institutions within the state. Fast-forward eight years and ORTSOC is a cybersecurity teaching hospital, providing services beyond state borders.

ORTSOC is an Impact Studio project. You can read more about it here.

History of ORTSOC

Formerly the Oregon Research & Teaching Security Operations Center—coined in 2015 prior to a conference presentation—the revised “ORTSOC” is no longer an acronym.


ORTSOC students are guided by the following experienced professionals:

Picture of Dave Nevin

Dave Nevin

Assistant Professor of Practice
Director - ORTSOC

Picture of Rakesh Bobba

Rakesh Bobba

Associate Professor

Picture of Jordan Hankin

Jordan Hankin

Security Architect/Engineer

Bob Henry

Senior Information Security Analyst

Picture of Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis

ORTSOC Program Manager